2020, what a year it's been.

It's been a tricky year for everyone, especially fellow creatives and freelancers. I've seen so many of us wade through the turbulent waters of this summer, and no doubt it's been a struggle. But I remain inspired and hopeful at the sight of so many artists and fellow creatives who have persevered and flourished through such a difficult time. I have particular admiration for this year's graduates, who's work and adaptibility has been amazing to see.

Perhaps many of us have found this period of prolonged isolation suprisingly beneficial to our creative drive; spurring us to think of new ideas and create in different ways. But equally, many of us have simply spent this period feeling very frustrated, becoming irritated at our families increasingly annoying habits. For me, it's been a mixture of both. This summer was an oppertunity for me to step back and slow down. I've spent a lot of time with many of my loved ones where possible, and I've had a chance to enjoy the simpler things life has to offer.

As for the creative side, it's been a heavy contrast of both productivity, and complete lack of it. In the first few months after uni had ended, I barely picked up a pencil. However, now that the year is slowly chugging onwards, and we approach the autumn months, I reluctantly stuck my head out of my little cave of isolation and realised the world was still turning. So I've been gearing myself up in preperation for a new semester, scampering about like a squirrel collecting all the creative ventures I can find.

With my 3rd year of university fast approaching, I am likely looking at a semester of remote learning. Not being able to attend uni in the normal way will definetly be a blow. I'll miss the collaborative atmosphere of the studios, and the easy access to facilities. But the pandemic has forced me to find new ways to be creative, and going forward, I hope I can adapt to a new structure of learning.

Somewhere, in the midst of the madness, I had the idea to start a blog.

So why a blog? Well, I figured that starting a blog could be a helpful tool: a place for sharing my work and it's development, as well as a platform for ideas and general ramblings.

Lord knows how consistant I'll be at updatding a blog. If my childhood diarys are anything to go by, you can perhaps expect a post every 3 months or so!

But perhaps I need something to motivate me, a project to keep watering. So a blog it is!

Join me for little updates on my work every once in a while. Grab a cup of tea, get comfortable.

I hope everyone is safe and well, and somehow remaining sane in these crazy times.

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